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Does ReUp provide technical support for vendors?

Vendors can get assistance with any technical issues by clicking on the ‘Help’ button in their dashboard.

Do I need to provide my own customer service specialists/tools?

ReUp vendors are responsible for responding to their own customer inquiries within 48 hours. ReUp will provide additional support after the initial 48 hours.

How does ReUp handle advertising?

ReUp does general advertising for the platform free of charge to the vendor. Vendors can apply for individual marketing and promotion of their products for a fee. Vendors will be selected at ReUp’s discretion. Vendors…

What do I need to sell on ReUp?

Vendors are required to have a State Tax ID number AND a registered EIN or SSN, whichever is applicable to your business type.

Vendors may use USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipping services.

Funds will be distributed to vendors every Monday. During the first week of selling on ReUp, payments will be held until the following Monday. There is a week lag between sale and payment.

What shipping methods can I use as a ReUp vendor?

Vendors may use USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipping services.

Am I able to drop ship on ReUp?

No; ReUp does not support use of drop ship methods.

Can I sell my multi-level marketing products on ReUp?

No; ReUp is exclusively for independent business owners.

Can I sell tobacco products on ReUp?

Cigarettes, cigars, and any products containing tobacco and nicotine are prohibited on ReUp.

What cannot be sold on ReUp?

ReUp vendors are prohibited from selling illegal, drug related products, and any products that promote the use of illegal or illicit drugs. Alcoholic beverages, CBD, and any products that require an age minimum are also…

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