What to expect from ReUp
By REUP ADMIN March 21, 2022

Over the next month or so ReUp will continue to actively campaign for sells of all products to build their stores. The purpose for this part of the campaign is primarily for sellers to fill their stores with products buyer will want to purchase. Our goal is to have a variety of products for buyers to shop from. This is our first step in our two-step plan.

The second step of our plan is to do a Nationwide campaign to entice buyers to ReUp Social Shopping featuring our sellers’ products.  The campaign will feature a variety  of sellers and their products. To be a part of this nationwide campaign you will need good quality images that clearly display the product you are selling. No other action is needed.

What can you do 

Fill your store with more inventory 

Add clear quality photos of your products

Buyers are loving listing videos! We know that shoppers are more likely to purchase an item if the listing includes a video. Cha-ching! Bring your product to life with a video clip up to 60 second in length—it could help you drive more sales. The video will feature sound, so let your product do the talking!